When COVID Struck, Digital Technology Integration Came to the Rescue

COVID-19 forced many businesses to adapt to the new normal, and many of those who simply refused or were unable to do so fell by the wayside. As you can imagine, technology played a pivotal role in helping many businesses adjust to these changes. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable examples of how digital technology has helped businesses adapt to these circumstances.

First, let’s examine the challenges many businesses found themselves facing thanks to pandemic-era restrictions, as well as how they were able to implement solutions to overcome them.

How COVID Crippled Businesses

It’s no surprise that the sudden onset of a pandemic can create countless problems for businesses, chief among them the ability to maintain day-to-day operations. Industries struggled in various ways, especially in terms of production and shipping for retailers. With the future so uncertain, many people resorted to panic buying and disrupted the supply chain so profoundly that there were shortages for tons of goods, including toilet paper, canned goods, computer chips, medical equipment, and sanitation products.

Furthermore, many organizations had to drastically alter operations to stay in line with the various social distancing guidelines issued by state and federal agencies. Some organizations struggled with procuring the supplies needed to operate, while others simply did not have the means to facilitate a complete shift to remote operations--at least not immediately.

As previously stated, some companies simply could not adapt to these changes and were forced to close up shop. Others implemented technology solutions without a clue of how to manage it, leading to a sudden, much easier transition. It can often be a struggle to implement new technology, but after the initial adjustment period, some businesses were not only able to keep up with the status quo, but flourish as well!

In a post-COVID world, we are optimistic that businesses will continue to take advantage of these technology solutions to ensure that the lessons learned from this crisis are not forgotten forever; this is especially important for cloud-based technology. In fact, 47 percent of surveyed businesses claim that they plan to invest more heavily in the cloud in the future, which we think is a solid option for any future-minded organization.

Can Your Business Handle a Cloud-Based Environment?

Think back to when COVID first began. How well were you able to adapt to the circumstances? Did your organization struggle with the transition, and do you plan on implementing cloud-based technology for the foreseeable future? If so, we recommend working with us. We can help your business properly leverage the best cloud-based technology on the market. To learn more, reach out to us at (954) 575-3992.