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These Technologies Prepare Kids for a Bright Future in Robotics and Coding

These Technologies Prepare Kids for a Bright Future in Robotics and Coding

Teaching children a skill can be a difficult job if they’re not having any fun. Therefore, turning kids on to lucrative careers in technology can be challenging, especially since tasks like coding can seem rather dull compared to say, fighting fires and driving racecars. This is why educational apps and tools have been created to make learning about technology fun!

If you’ve got some kids in your life that you feel may have a knack for technology, then try introducing them to the following educational tools. Hey, seeing as you could have the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg on your hands, it’s worth a shot.

What young child has never dreamed of building their own working robot? While many activity kits can do just this, Littlebits offers a variety of kits that allow kids to create many assorted devices, including: security devices for their bedroom, Internet-connected devices for their home (with their Cloudbit device), or any of the assorted projects on their website with other components. Able to also integrate with other playthings, Littlebits allow a child to see the qualities of technology as their world seems to come to life, thanks to them - instilling a deep appreciation for technology at an early age.

For a more advanced option, better suited for those future tech gurus who may be a little older, Arduino makes for a great educational tool for young minds. Arduino, its sister brand Genuino, or others like them, can offer a solid introduction to electronic work and programming with their open-source electronics platform. Kids can create and program systems to light LEDs, start motors, or other mechanical functions. Arduino may also serve as an introductory system before one graduates to utilizing a Raspberry Pi to program their creations.

For those who are a little more hands-on, there are projects available on other websites, such as those developed and run by Make Magazine. Make: allows kids to design IoT projects (such as a working electric piano made out of fruit, or a homemade version of the game Operation) and share them online with other kids for them to make.

Minecraft Education Edition
Most parents have probably, at least once, asked their child to do their homework instead of playing Minecraft. Well, now with the Education Edition of Minecraft, young minds can learn about programming and other subjects with one of the most popular video games of all time. With various lessons like creating boolean logic gates to urban planning. In fact, many schools are starting to use Minecraft to leverage various lessons and social development.

That said, this is a little different than the version of Minecraft your kids are playing, but the shift from game to education tool might keep them engaged and interested in diving in deeper.

You never know what a kid is capable of until you give them the tools they need to succeed. Can you think of any other ways to get kids into technology? Let us know in the comments.



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