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Business Solutions & Software Group has been serving the Coral Springs area since 2005, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Tip of the Week: Expert Advice for Finding an Expert IT Consultant

Tip of the Week: Expert Advice for Finding an Expert IT Consultant

Does your business understand the importance of having a long-term IT budget? Your organization needs to be privy to the latest technology trends, which can change drastically depending on the year’s developments. Does your budget take into account the current value (or lack thereof) of your organization’s technology assets? Do you think about where you want to be in the future? If this sounds like too much to handle, the consulting service of an IT professional will provide you with an accurate plan.

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Are Premium Cables Worth the Money?

b2ap3_thumbnail_premium_cables_400.jpgWhether you’re purchasing electronics at the store and a salesperson is trying to upsell you on premium cables, or you’re shopping specifically for cables and you’re faced with having to choose between cables of different prices and quality, you’ve likely asked yourself the question: “Are premium cables worth the money?”

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Sharpen Your Focus with an IT Roadmap and Reorganization

b2ap3_thumbnail_it_strategies_400.jpgWith so many new trends popping up in today's technology industry, it's only natural that a change of pace, or even a change in strategy, be considered by any business hoping to take advantage of what the world has to offer. Your company needs to adapt to change if it hopes to be successful in the future business world.

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Proceed With Caution – Learning Curve Ahead

b2ap3_thumbnail_lots_of_tech_400.jpgHumans are notorious for staying within their comfort zones. When something new or unfamiliar rears its ugly head, we often are too habitual to change with the times. While this is mostly applicable to social situations, such as an introvert being stuck in a hot, stuffy room full of people, comfort zones can also apply to your outdated laptop or smartphone. Upgrading can be challenging, but very rewarding.

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The Best Way to Take Advantage of New Business Technology

b2ap3_thumbnail_your_dedicated_it-consultant_400.jpgTechnology is showing up in unexpected places these days, like kitchen appliances being connected to smartphones and wearable tech enveloping people's bodies. These fun technology trends make life easier, and it is advantageous to get in early on these trends. Technology is also showing up in new and unexpected places in the business sector. Are you up on these tech trends?

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