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Business Solutions & Software Group has been serving the Coral Springs area since 2005, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Technology Repair… In Space!

b2ap3_thumbnail_millennium_falcon_400.jpgDue to the overwhelming success of George Lucas's science-fiction film franchise Star Wars, fans all over the world will be celebrating May 4th as a holiday (May the Fourth be with you). Star Wars wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it weren't for its fascinating space technology, something that was previously only imagined by the most creative of minds. X-wings, blasters, and hyperdrives seem really neat, but they can break down just as easily as present-day space technology. There's something about the unknown void that is space which draws our attention, even if it's "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

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Cyber Punks – Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

b2ap3_thumbnail_security_from_threats_400.jpgIn high school, there were always the rebellious kids who never wanted to do what their teachers said. They would vandalize the bathroom stalls, walk around the halls without permission, skip classes, and make the school an overall unpleasant environment. The teachers eventually decided that enough was enough, and they banned certain privileges that the students had. Bathroom breaks became timed. Hall monitors stalked the halls looking for troublemakers. Our liberty was stolen by these hooligans.

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WARNING: Huge Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Affects Everybody, No Fix for XP

b2ap3_thumbnail_alert_red_400.jpgAlert! Those using Windows Internet Explorer as your preferred web browser might want to take a short break from it and consider using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox until Microsoft works out a recently-discovered vulnerability.

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Touch Screen PC Productivity - Gimmick or Not?

b2ap3_thumbnail_touch_screen_pc_400.jpgTouchscreen devices have been all the rage for around a decade and have brought a degree of mobility to business that was unheard of only a short time ago. At first it was the smartphone, followed by the 10-inch tablet, and then the smaller tablets; which are designed for media consumption. This recent trend, which provides a superior user experience, has integrated touch screen usability into the expectations of end users. Recently, some of the largest and most recognizable personal computer manufacturers have begun making hybrid laptop computers that have all the capabilities of a powerful laptop, but come equipped with a touchscreen display. Can these all-in-one devices be just what your business needs to get to the next level?

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The Future’s Technology, Today

b2ap3_thumbnail_old_tech_now_400.jpgThe people of 1967 were no different than we are today - obsessed with the future and the new technology it might yield. It was a magical time when technology was developing so rapidly that people were placing wild assumptions of what the technology of the 2000s would be like. How accurate were the predictions of the scientific community of the 1960s? Let's look at this 1967 video from CBS's The 21st Century!

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